Under the direction of NVH Studios, led by the renowned Brazilian designer Cristiano Rodriguez, Zeferino has been a benchmark in luxury footwear since 2006. Inspired by a passion for the art of handmade shoes and the desire to offer the world the best in exclusivity, beauty, comfort, and elegance, the brand is recognized for its signature pink sole. Each pair of Zeferino shoes is crafted using traditional manufacturing techniques from southern Brazil, combined with the latest trends in global fashion and art. Every detail is carefully considered, from the selection of fine materials to the final finishing touches, ensuring a truly unique, beautiful, and comfortable shoe—a masterpiece for your feet.The production process of Zeferino shoes is entirely handmade, carried out by Brazilian artisans meticulously trained to provide the best experience for you. Each shoe is stitched with care and patience, like a true work of art, ensuring the perfect blend of comfort, beauty, exclusivity, and absolute quality. As a brand that represents the best of Brazil—creativity, diversity, boldness, charm, beauty, uniqueness, quality, and exceptional comfort—we are committed to offering you a unique and exclusive experience with every pair of shoes we produce.