Designed by Cristiano Rodriguez

"The shoe says everything about a woman's personality."

When little Cristiano fell in love with fashion

Cristiano grew up in a creative environment, specifically in the fashion atelier run by his mother in Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais. Fascinated by sketches and fabrics, he began to shape his passion for fashion, beauty, and details. While studying Fashion Design at UFMG, he stood out as the top student in accessory creation and graduated with honors. This diploma validated his promising path, confirming his future in the world of art.

Building a successful career

His career as a designer began at 22, at a renowned Brazilian brand. His first professional experience deepened his love for the craft and enriched him in every aspect. Later, he worked alongside internationally known luxury brands. His creations, working style, and timeless ideas quickly propelled him to the role of Creative Director. Cristiano leads the creative department at Zeferino, a brand that has amplified his work and established him as one of Brazil's top shoe designers. His collections are based on timeless, unique, and elegant ideas, blending classic and modern elements, always considering the personality and empowerment of Brazilian women.

- The Brazilian Manolo Blahnik, by Floriane de Saint Pierre

Cristiano Rodriguez's creations have captivated the world. Floriane de Saint Pierre, a renowned French talent headhunter, recognized his originality and dubbed him the "Brazilian Manolo Blahnik." Alongside Zeferino, his credibility skyrocketed, styling prominent women in national culture, such as Gisele Bündchen, Ivete Sangalo, Carol Ribeiro, and Cléo Pires.

- The art and creativity of Cristiano Rodriguez

His poetry, now more than ever, is a balm. Cristiano has a unique and innovative style. His mind works immersed in concepts and evokes enchantment, developing the entire atmosphere of a collection through relevant references in his life, career, trends, and artistic refinement. His artisanal approach is evident in every detail, and his pieces are internationally known for their comfort, allure, femininity, and timelessness. The collections at Zeferino, under Cristiano Rodriguez's creative direction, are responsible for the brand's success.

During the process, our artist navigates concepts rarely explored by other designers, with the feminine at its best as the main pillar. Forms, colors, and materials are always a priority in his creations, completing the envisioned concept in detail. Cristiano oversees the crafting of each shoe, ensuring the brand's artisanal process is upheld from start to finish. His style is unmistakable, valuing both the quality of the work and meticulously supervising each step to ensure the developed concept is respected from beginning to end. Each creation reflects the care and affection Cristiano has for his clients. His work aligns with fashion trends but also with the heart of every woman who chooses to be part of the Zeferino experience.